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Paul Hussey’s New Album “Life In Pain but Still Alive – Rare Tracks”

Paul Hussey is an English singer and songwriter. He previously released two albums and this is a compilation of never-released songs, both old and new.

I met him in London, where a great friendship was born as well as mutual admiration and support. On that pillar I had the honor of helping him publish his music and play in different places.

He wrote his first two albums in jail, where he spent 15 years in a row, then went in and out regularly. His songs talk about loneliness, prison, love, spiritual pursuits, diseases, injustices, life partners, hopes and his fight against addictions.

A few years ago, his great love was born, his daughter, who unfortunately due to his addictions and confinements, his closeness to her is not what he wants. In his lyrics he echoes his absolute love for his daughter, reflected in the first song on this album.

In jail he took care of the music department, helping to compose and write songs and records for other prisoners (from hip hop, drum & base, indie …).

In this new album there are three songs that personally generate me a special feeling:

#1 – He explains to his daughter the cause of his estrangement and regrets the social prejudice that his life story generates

#2 – Help an inmate compose a song for his daughter that he cannot see, starting with a letter that the inmate wrote to his daughter

#3 – Song we wrote together for my wife @merylucchesi

Your new album can be heard here.

For his previous records / information / photos / videos please check his website ->