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Hi! This is Agustin Ciarfaglia, artist / business developer / entrepreneur.

On the artistic side I mainly do painting and photography. The paintings are the immediate expression of my feelings: I am alone in my studio with different types of materials, and something (sometimes) happens…. The photos try to show a specific moment of the world. I have visited more than 60 countries and I consider travelling an excellent school of what real life is. 

On the business side, I have worked in different companies and industries, and studied accounting, finance and a master degree at Cambridge University. I co-founded La Rocchetta Boutique Hotel & Restaurant; Dra. María Lucchesi Aesthetic Clinic and aC+ [skin solutions] Skin Care Products. I am responsable for the business and marketing strategy plus online presence of those three businesses as well as Paul Hussey Singer and Songwriter from London and Mass Pike Clothing.

You can find me in LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter; my music list on Spotify and leave me a message here.

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“Wanderlust Photography Exhibition” – London, UK – May 2015
“Painting & Sculpture Exhibition” Candid Arts – London, UK – Jun 2015
“Lost” Solo Painting & Photography Exhibition – London, UK – Jul 2015
“That’s how summer passed” Photography Exhibition – London, UK – Sep to Nov 2015
“FotoFest Biennal 2016” – Texas, US – Mar to Apr 2016
“Follow the Sun” Photography Exhibition – London, UK – Jan to Apr 2016
“Novus Conceptum” Contemporary Fine Art Show – Texas, US – Apr to Sep 2016