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On the artistic side I mainly do painting and photography. The paintings are the immediate expression of my feelings: I am alone in my studio with different types of materials, and something (sometimes) happens…. My photos try to show a specific moment of the world. I have visited more than 60 countries and I consider travelling an excellent school of what real life is. 

On the business side, I have worked in different companies and industries, and studied accounting, finance and a master degree at Cambridge University. I co-founded La Rocchetta Boutique Hotel & Restaurant; Dra. María Lucchesi Aesthetic Clinic and aC+ [skin solutions] Skin Care Products. I am responsable for the business and marketing strategy of those three businesses as well as the online presence of Paul Hussey (Singer and Songwriter from London) and Mass Pike Clothing. Recently I joined Latam Start Up as a partner. 

You can find me on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter; my music list on Spotify and leave me a message here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Agustin Ciarfaglia