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while i walk

thoughts / feelings / quotes / words….

falling slowly

lost in the moment

the devil is awake nocking my mind…. my door

feel me

one more try

chasing wrong ideas

saturday sun

breath out

opened my eyes

thinking of u

i take what i can get

lost in the fire

feeling that u do not belong

going nowhere

i walk / cross these miles but not on a straight line

you are looking older but u are the same

follow the sun where the winds take u, where your heart goes

past and present

smother than a ocean stone

i am worry i just will be

truly alone and i like it

i love u more than i love myself

tired of trying

endless rainy nights

my tears are dry

nothings left that to live in possibilities

while i am sleep

think of all the roads we went down

my dreams are getting older

i will protect your shadow

there is a hole in my heart and is begging please

wishing that u miss me

leave before it start

eyes are open finally

only thing left to do is walk

nothing more to loose

u brought up the best of me


the pain that u feel is the pain that u need

on my own

hide your emotions and try to pretend

kill your demons before it’s too late

all i wanna do is walk

looking for a chemical that make me feel

the space between

royal tears

hidden and homeless

empty, drunk and alone

trying hard to breath

what is the true, give me something

what’s the reason

it’s the pain that u need

i want u to miss me

when i started drinking on my own

u know i am falling and i do not know what to say

give me any person in the hole world and i pick u up

one more time

falling slowly

i had a dream that when i woke up u were finally there

hops and glory

here today here tomorrow

i am not proud but i have to confess u

kill all of your demons before you become one of them

shadow of the wind

if only

deep blue eyes

much higher

gorgeous on the outside quite sad in the inside

 is there any change you can see me through?

 u make me wanna be better

one more time, one more day

stranger on my own skin

running faster than u need

those of us who lives on darkness

wake up from this crazy train

search for my life

inside the silent

i scarf so i can bleed

last summer

u know i am good, buy i wanna be bad

see my smiling, but wanna be sad

i never run far away from my mistakes

walking with a stranger, walking with me

One DAY u will come back here

Someday u will ask to meet me

could not be easy

ask for my name

i never showed u what i want

i will protect your shadow

i want u more than i need

are u calling back?

u do not know how i feel

you are not listening

i never been so lone

growing younger every day

i wanna ur love

i have some things on my mind that i need to share

i have some things on my mind to share….. that no one kwnow…

this is me

i never wanted to go so far

alone between the sheets

this is how it has to be
inside today
inside me today

your eyes are open but u cant see

+ selfish

killing time

need you blindy

only time can tell

she saw the better of me

i do not want to go home

show me a little respect

i need a change

i change for my lover and she changes for me

something so broken cannot be fix

the race is nothing new

living my own hell

quiet little moments

i’m good at tryng

in that morning i will be dead

i do not know where we are, but we are not far

i do not undertand my dreams

i dreammmmm my smile

dying every day a little more

refuse to believe that I will not succeed

no matter this way goes

all i care is you